2014 St Augustine of Canterbury, Broadwater Road, Tooting SW17

St Augustine of Canterbury, Broadwater Road, Tooting SW17.

Lewis built the organ for another church in south London,  St Peter’s Dulwich.  When St Peter’s church building become redundant in the 1980s it was handed over to another congregation where the organ was not required.  Fortunately for us they did not remove it from the building, but just moved it from its chancel position and stood it in the west end of the church.  By the time it was acquired by St Augustine’s though it had lost its console, winding and much of its actions.  Most importantly the soundboards and pipe-work were intact and undamaged, and the blower was spared.

A restricted budget at the time of moving meant that a new winding supply was out of the question, so the original 1930s blower was reused providing only just enough wind for small wind regulators and temporary trunking to get the organ playing.  Happily today the congregation have now put this right and so an entirely new wind supply has been installed, once more giving the organ new lungs befitting the broad scaled and bright wide-mouthed pipe-work that the Lewis sound is justly famous for.

A new larger blower placed within the organ chamber now provides adequate wind via two 8x4ft reservoirs for the Great and Swell with a new much larger reservoir for the Pedal pipes.  Re-designed wood trunking to the whole instrument and with new zinc trunking for the pneumatic actions.